Patrick Yan

Happy New Year!

Seasoned designer, critical editor, enthusiastic photographer, expressive artist, trilingual learner, inquisitive mind. Explore my work and discover more about me.

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Duke University Transit System 2010

Cartographic design solution for Duke’s bus routes

Web design 2009–2011

For various clients

Asian Students Association 2009

Rebranding for Duke’s largest cultural organization

Identity design 2008–2011

For various clients

Yellow Pages & Vertices 2009–2010

Art direction of Duke University publications

Silver Bullet 2006–2009

Award-winning & record-breaking profitable publication

  • I designed the 2008 Columbia Scholastic Press Award-winning cover and layouts for my high school yearbook. As Editor-in-Chief, I also managed reporting deadlines, photography, and an editing staff of 28 for this 386 page publication.

    Our unprecented 2008 revenues of over $100,000 and profits of $15,000 led to my proposal and successful execution of the installation of a new iMac lab to replace aging Dell PCs.

Aeroesque & Pro 2007

Award-winning Mac OS X theme design

Icon Design 2006–2008

Apparel Design 2008–2010