Patrick Yan

Happy New Year!

Seasoned designer, critical editor, enthusiastic photographer, expressive artist, trilingual learner, inquisitive mind. Explore my work and discover more about me.

P.S. Try this website on your iPad.

CrashDwell 2013

Co-founded & built platform for student sublet trading in NYC.

Onswipe 2012

Touch interface design for web reading experiences

Generasian 2010–2013

Co-founded NYU’s premier Asian American interest publication

YG Idealist 2012

Entertainment business strategy development

H4XR 2007–2009

URL, image & file sharing service

  • Before today’s bitly and Cloud App existed, I created a popular image/file sharing and URL shortening service. Just drag your URL or file onto the Dashboard widget and the file was automatically uploaded and the shortened URL was copied to your clipboard.

    At its peak, H4XR was sharing over 300,000 files with 30,000 unique visitors per month. As the first non-exclusive service of its kind, H4XR spawned many community-created widgets and themes. Unfortunately, H4XR was shut down in June 2009 due to overwhelming maintenance requirements.

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